Between The Flowers And The Broken


Between the Flowers and the Broken: Stories, songs and lessons from the streets of Brazil.

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“Nic Billman is one of my heroes of the faith…. This is a story where fact is harder to believe than fiction….It is time for the stories that, I believe, are known in Heaven to become known on the Earth; it is time for the world to learn about Between the Flowers and the Broken.”
—Randy Clark, Global Awakening

One night not long ago, Nic Billman and his team sat with a group of street children in Brazil. Passing around paper and crayons for them to draw with, Nic began to strum his guitar in worship. “Draw a picture of the Kingdom of God,” he told the children. And as he sang, the children drew. At the end of the evening, as Nic looked through the pictures. The children had all drawn the same thing—a house. As he looked through the drawings Jesus quietly spoke to Nic’s heart. “In my Father’s house there are many rooms, and I go to prepare a place for you.” What does the Kingdom of God look like to a little girl who sells her body for $3? What does the Kingdom of God look like to a little boy who ran from the violence at home to live on the streets? It looks like Daddy’s house where He has prepared a place for them. All of creation is groaning and waiting for the revealing of the children of God—because through His children, the Father is revealed. He is calling us by name and inviting us to walk with Him through the garden of life—between the flowers and the broken—calling out to all, “Come home! The Father has prepared a place for you.”

I wept, rejoiced, pondered, and received as I read through this wonderful communication born of the Spirit.
—Patricia King, XPMedia

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