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Release Date: February 26, 2008


Glory to Glory is a song that was inspired, experienced and written on the streets of Brazil among homeless children living in prostitution, abuse and drug addiction. During one of their street church meetings in Brazil Nic Billman was sitting on the dirty streets surrounded by these precious ones and as he looked into their eyes he saw Jesus and began to sing the words, “And the world cries out, ‘show us the Father’. And I was made to stare into your eyes and I was created to see like you and love like you.” This brand new EP includes a version of the song in English, a version in Portuguese and the story behind the song. The Mp3 version of this EP is free because they believe the song carries an impartation of compassion and urgency for the poor, the abused and the abandoned, for this CD version there is a $3 charge to cover the cost of manufacturing.

“I want to give my highest endorsement to this incredible album and the people who made it. Nic & Rachel Bilman are worshippers in every sense of the word, not just musically, but in their daily lives. Living amongst the poor in Brazil, laboring to see people set free from the sex trade, the Bilmans bring the fragrance of true worship to the most broken. Their songs reflect this desire to see Jesus worshipped as the lover of the least, as the One close to the broken and contrite. The song, “Glory to Glory” caused thousands to glorify Him at TheCall in Belo Horizonte as we sang “show us the Father” repeatedly over the nation. The worship movement is moving from the pew to the streets and this album will lead you to glorify Him everywhere you listen to it. I highly recommend it.”
– Stacey Campbell

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